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Featured Services

Check out some of our services that we offer as a guide to healthy mental living. If you are looking for a service or resource that is not listed below, please reach out to us directly to see if we are able to assist.

Preventive Services

Drug Prevention
Gun Safety
Anger Management
Family Engagement
Literacy Programs
Crime Prevention
Financial Literacy
Mental Health
Cyber Bullying
Conflict Resolution
Mental Illness

Other Services

Treatment Planning
Psychiatric Services
Individual Counseling
Family Therapy
Group Therapy
School Therapy
Behavior Therapy
Parent Education Groups
Psychosocial Rehabilitation 
Specialized Mental Health
Behavior Analyst

Staff Specialties

Anxiety & Mood Disorders
Childhood Development 
Emotional/Behavioral Issues
Low Self-Esteem
Attention Deficit Disorders
Sexual, Physical or Emotional Abuse
Delinquency Issues
Depression & Suicidal Thoughts
Divorce Adjustment

Family Reunification

Infant Mental Health
Developmental Disabilities
Grief, Loss & Stress Management
Work and Careers

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